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Released on January 20, 2014, failed_futures‘Failed Futures’ is available on white coloured vinyl (with free download code) and digital download. Produced, Engineered & Mastered by: Russ Russell, the album was recorded in the summer of 2012 and self-released via 4Family Records.


1. Wasted
2. Rest With The Dead
3. We Precede The End
4. Cessation Of Suffering
5. Profit Driven War
6. Shallow Lives
7. Seeing Without Eyes
8. Failed Futures
9. Victims
10. Stranglehold
11. Forgotten Code
12. Embodying Emptiness

13. Requisite For Refinement


Adam Sagir, Bass
David Heggie, Drums
Lee Kitchener, Guitars
Luca Grandi, Guitars
Wez Hanslip, vocals
Tom ‘Kingsize’ Hennessy and Pierre Mendivil, backing vocals (track 11)

The music

After the impressive ‘Hailing The Ashes’ EP, Dripback are back with “Failed Futures”, an album that’s gone for the jugular and one of the most vicious albums of 2014. From the now familiar refrain of “Cone on you cunts”, Dripback hits you hard from the first second to the last.

With its thirteen-songs over thirty-nine minutes is a mix of brutal Death Metal, violent Hardcore, and pissed-off Punk (edged with touches of manic Grind). Lots of gut-wrenching riffage and poisonous nihilism which shows no mercy and takes no prisoners.

“Wasted” is a mix of primal punk-metal groove and death-blasts.This if followed by the bludgeoning “Rest With The Dead” and the bruising riffage and spiteful hooks of “We Precede The End”. From the ballsy, brutish swagger of “Profit Driven War” to the nightmarish antagonism of “Victims”, it’s clear Dripback know exactly what they’re doing, and don’t care who gets hurt in the process.

Some of the later tracks on “Failed Futures” may not have the immediacy of the earlier part of the album. ‘Cessation Of Suffering’ and ‘Profit Driven War’ (the track chosen for the lead lyric video prior to release) are massive tunes. The British metal scene has been crying out for a band like this and now, finally, we have them.

Every scream, every growl, every gang-shout, every howl… it all brims with hatred and disgust. The riffs scratch and claw and bludgeon with pure animosity, each song, be it the sub-2 minute, belligerent blast of hostility that is “Stranglehold” or the down-tuned groove and grind of “Forgotten Code”, bleeding venom and integrity from every pore. It’s rotten and ugly and painfully, provocatively real.