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Welcome to the fansite for Dripback, the British band of London gits who blend the extremity of death metal and grindcore with the swagger of hardcore and the atmosphere of black metal.


Luca (guitar) Wez4 (vocals) Lee4 (guitar), Hellhog (drums) and Adam (bass) each brings something different to the table, the death metal bits, the hardcore breakdowns, the thrashy moments, there’s a bit of grind in there. No two songs sound the same in terms of style, it also makes them more accessible to certain live bills such as being on the road with Biohazard, and with Lock-up, two bands that shouldn’t really be on the same stage.

This site is for all those who’ve heard the music and/or witnessed their live shows where Wez4 rampages around the stage and the rest of the band are equally manic. The intensity generated through massive riffs, blastbeats and brutal vocals that are off the scale.

We’ll share with you our latest news, what we’ve been up to, including upcoming shows and events. We’ll let you let you know when tickets are available and have priority bookings for our fans.

We’ve got a full online store for our white colored vinyl album (only 300 cut on first press) that comes with a free download link and the EP. Preparing the second EP right now, so that’ll be on as soon as it’s produced and released. Mailing list and newsletter will be added to the site as well.

We’ve got pictures, videos and behind the scenes stuff that may raise some eyebrows. For example, did you know that all the Dripback members have a tattoo with the number ‘444’. Wez explains the significance of this, since he’s the tattoo artist, and he says simply. “It’s our thing man, it’s our crew innit?” Wez has the 444 tattooed under his eye and on the inside of his mouth.

Interviews with and stories about the band and the individual members, including biographies of Adam da Rat: ex-Labrat, ex-Ted Maul. Hellhog: Pure Negative, ex-As She Screams, Ted Maul. Lee4: River Freshney, ex-Kunt Puncher, ex-ShitRope. Gino4: ex-As She Screams, ex-Labrat, ex-Ted Maul. Wez4: River Freshney, ex-Inner Rage, ex-Failure of Usual Reasoning, ex-ShitRope.