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‘Inhaling the Ashes’ is the Dripback EP released on June 6th, 2011 on the ‘Siege of
Amida record label.
1. Hold Your Horses
2. Kick Out Time
3. No God, No Master
4. Dilapidated Soul
5. Distrust
6. Under the Floor

Band members

Hellhog, Drums
Lee4, Guitars
Gino4, Guitars
Wez4, Vocals
Adam da Rat, Bass

Adam Da Rat was the bassist of Labrat, Luca and Hellhog are both ex-As She Screams as well as both having been involved with the mighty Ted Maul. With the band being completed by two of River Freshney, Dripback are a London underground super-group.

The music

Produced by Russ Russell¸ ‘Inhaling the Ashes’ is a lesson in pure¸ unremitting¸ sonic violence. Smashing hardcore, death metal, thrash and even some tinges of black metal together into a moshing, screaming, blasting beast of a record. The opening instrumental track ‘Hold Your Horses’ exhorts you to ‘trust fucking no cunt’. Ferocious pace and trademark hardcore riffs come to the fore instantaneously, and an element of humour, comes with a blood-curdling Cockney bellow of “Come on, you cunts!”.

Next is ‘Kick Out Time’, a hardcore assault with gang vocals and uncomplicated yet evocative riffing and blastbeats combined in a blast of fury. This is real Deathcore, a well-rounded yet delightfully rough offering.

‘No God No Master’ is an all-out death metal affair, full of hardcore vitriol and sets us up for the three tracks. From the fourth track ‘Dilapidated Soul’ onwards, there’s an increased technicality to the band’s sound. Dilapidated Soul’, is far less unhinged than the other tracks, its lack of pace triggers the emergence of an unfamiliar sense of atmosphere. ‘Distrust’ is a highlight largely because of its strikingly infectious riffs and impressive structure. Finishing up with ‘Under The Floor’, the longest offering on this EP at 5:42, this is the ultimate crossover of all the elements that comprise the band’s influences.

The EP is only eighteen minutes in total, but with most of Dripback having responsibilities within other bands that come first, it’s not a surprise. Despite that, the music is vicious, vital and exciting in equal measure. The success the band has in fusing genres alone deserves credit. The technical skill of the members of Dripback, and the formidable impact of their particular brand of destructive hardcore-infused death metal, cannot be questioned, there is plenty to admire.